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PO Box 459
Enterprise, UT 84725
P: 435.878.2236
F: 435.878.2510

Support Staff

Angie Hagen : Art Specialist

Angie Hagen | Art Specialist

My Email: angie.hagen@washk12.org

Edie Phelps : Music Specialist | Choir Director

Edie Phelps | Music Specialist | Choir Director

My Email: edie.phelps@washk12.org

Chandra Farnsworth : PE Specialist

Chandra Farnsworth | PE Specialist

My Email: chandra.farnsworth@washk12.org

Mrs. Simkins : Media Center

Mrs. Simkins | Media Center

My Email: ilene.simkins@washk12.org

Jackie Clove : Reading Specialist

Jackie Clove | Reading Specialist

My Email: jackie.clove@washk12.org

Quote ~ "What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other." — George Eliot

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