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Community Council

Meeting Schedule for the year 2017/2018:   

  • November 27th at 1:15 pm
  • January 22nd at 9:00 am (Learning Walk)
  • March 26th at 1:15 pm
  • May 9th at 1:15 pm

School Community Council

Every public school has a school community council consisting of the principal, elected school employees and parents.  Parent members must exceed the principal and staff by at least two. Parent members are elected by parents. Parent input is important in the decisions made by councils.

School improvement is the responsibility of everyone, from students and parents to professionals and public officials. As councils clarify roles, expectations, and responsibilities, councils increase the likelihood of all contributing significantly to this most important enterprise. School community councils are one way we can work together to make schools more successful.

The duties of the council include:

Evaluate SAGE results and develop a School Improvement Plan
Develop their School LAND Trust program
Assist in developing and implementing a staff professional development plan
Develop a child access routing plan (Enterprise Elementary's Plan)
Nominate teachers/school staff for awards and recognition
Advise and make recommendations to the school, school district administrators, and local school board regarding the school and its programs and environment

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Community Council Agenda Feb 9, 2016

Community Council Agenda Feb 9, 2016
1. CSIP for Community Council
csip .washk12.org
Username: 104cc
Password: community
2. Teacher reassignment:
Kindergarten: Boshardt, Randall
1st Grade: Woods, Bingham
2nd Grade: Esplin, Staheli, Glauser
3rd Grade: Dutton, Porter, New Intern
4th Grade: Truman, Day
5th Grade: Simkins, Schimbeck
6th Grade: Morgan, Moody
Staff Developer: Drake
Reading Specialist: Clove
School plan for next year discussion:
Goal #1 95%
of our students will be on grade level for Language Arts.
(Current grade levels: K 53%,
1st 71%,
2nd 72%,
3rd 72%)
Goal #2 Our
school will score 10% higher on the Utah SAGE test for Mathematics compared to
2015 SAGE test.
(Current: LA 42.6%,
Math 42.6%,
Science 45.6%)
(Last year: LA 41%, Math 36.4%,
Science 42.4%)
Goal #3 100%
of our student will receive art instruction once per week by an art aide.
Goal #4 100%
of our teachers will be trained by various presenters throughout this year to
improve Tier 1 teaching.
Goal #5 We
will increase the technology in our school. This will include 20 Chrome books for
upper grades.
(This past year, we were able to buy 5 IPads for Kindergarten and 13 Chrome books for upper
Attendance: Jodi Cope, Alicia Burgess, Principal Luke Rowley, Michelle Carter, Kirby
Schimbeck, and Mike Yardley

Community Council Agenda September 9, 2015

Community Council Agenda September 9, 2015
Introduction: Mr. Rowley introduced our Title 1 Coordinator Aaron
Bradbury and our counselor Katilyn
Title 1 presentation: Aaron Bradbury
How are the funds being used now: 8 aids, 1 teacher, professional development for teachers, after
school programs, technology (computers and upgrades), family nights (literacy night, readalongs,
night, etc.), trainings for parents (suggested by Mr. Rowley to do a Dave Ramsey financial seminar)
Compact: a promise between parents, teachers, and students and their responsibilities to the program
Parent Involvement: how we as a school are going to provide programs for our kids with parent
Contact: Aaron Bradbury for any questions: at the school or email him at aarron.bradbury@washk12.org
Trust Lands Plan
Goal #1: 95% pf our students will be on grade level
Goal #2: Our school will score 10% higher on the Utah SAGE test for Mathematics compared to 2015
SAGE test.
Goal #3: 100% of our students will receive art instruction once per week by a trained art teacher.
Goal #4: 100% of our teacher will be trained throughout this year by Annette Brinkman to improve Tier 1
Goal #5: We will increase the technology in our school. This will include IPad’s for lower grades and
Chrome books for upper grades.
Budget: $23,337
Salaries and Employee Benefits $18,046
Software $1,480
Equipment $3,811
Meeting schedule for the year:
Thurs. Nov. 19th @ 3pm
Wed. Feb. 3rd @ 3pm
Wed. May 4th @3pm
Amber Humphries elected ViceChair
Attending: Luke Rowley, Jodi Cope, Alicia Burgess, Amber Humphries, Aaron Bradbury, and Kaitlyn

Feb. 22, 2015

Minutes for 01-22-15 Community Council Meeting

Attendees:  Principal Luke Rowley, Jodi Cope, Jana Dunford, (     ), (     ), (     )

SAGE results:  TERRIBLE!  Positive side:  They can only get better!
Language Arts  35% - 3rd, 45% - 4th, 43% - 5th, 38% - 6th
Math  27% - 3rd, 40% - 4th, 44% - 5th, 34% - 6th
Science  46% - 5th

Qualifiers:  It was the 1st year with the new test.  The 3rd grade lacked their regular teacher for several months setting them back.  Chromebooks should help.  Tests are not timed.

Mr. Rowley canceled IXL.  Alex & Mobymax are a better fit and cheaper.
We still have aides, keep them the same.

Grants received for Chromebooks:
$1500 from Walmart
$3000 matched grant from Horace Mann with Donors Choice
$1500 from Kahn Academy

Mr. Rowley wants to go paperless - no workbooks - print everything needed.
What will the impact be on students' handwriting abilities?

Next year's goals (2015-16):
#1  Professional Development -  The teachers have been given tools to use.  Now the teachers need to be  sharpened.  Implemented by collaboration and Tier I instruction.  By June 12 all teachers have to go through collaborative training.
#2  Fieldtrips -  Wants kids to attend the SUU Farm Fieldtrip.  When is that and how do we sign up?

We have Title I status for next school year.  Mr. Rowley would like to add 5-6 more aids, a 3rd grade intern teacher (like Jared Moody), and a Title I coordinator / VP.

Mr. Rowley feels good about the school's safety preparedness.

Next community council meeting:  Thursday, February 19, 3:00 p.m. in the library.

Minutes typed by Jana Dunford.

January 29. 2015

Community Council Meeting – 29 February 2015

Board Members in Attendance:  Amber Humphries, Jodi Cope, Mike Yardley, Jana Dunford, Alicia Burgess, Rick Weber, Luke Rowley, and Shelli Carter

Discussion on Mascot:  The council members looked at the new mascot drawing and gave their opinions on any changes or improvements wanted.  Suggestions were bigger eyes and getting rid of the wolf pups and just having wolves.  To decide the name, Mr. Rowley will take it to the faculty and then to the kids if need be.

Next Year’s Budget:  New plan for trust fund money will be open to write on April 1st.  Mr. Rowley suggested the board change the focus of next year’s money from technology to profession tier 1 training.  Aids will continue to be in the budget as they have been a help to the school and teachers.  The art aid has been working out great.

Budget as of now:  $27, 549.84 (Beginning balance)

              $13, 349.00 (Aids)

              $1480.00 (software – Big Brains and Moby Max)

              $6000.00 (technology which includes codes and Chromebooks)

    The remaining budget will be spent on either licenses for the Chromebooks or carts for charging stations.

Additional Aids:  With additional funds coming from Title 1, the elementary will be looking to hire 4 to 5 additional aids.  The requirements are an associate degree or a test.  $9.00/hr.  Between 17 to 27 hours.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, April 16th @ 3pm in the library.  The board will be build the final budget.

Community Council Meeting – 17 September 2014

Community Council Meeting – 17 September 2014

Board Members in Attendance:  Kim Prisbrey, Amber Humphries, Emily Bott, Jodi Cope, Mike Yardley, Jana Dunford, Alicia Burgess, Rick Weber, Luke Rowley, Kirby Shimbeck, and Shelli Carter

Election for Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary: Emily Bott (chair) – 1st by Alicia Burgess, 2nd by Amber Humphries; Jodi Cope (vice-chair) – 1st by Amber Humphries, 2nd by Emily Bott;  Alicia Burgess (secretary) – 1st by Jodi Cope, 2nd by Kim Prisbrey

Discussion on Mascot:  2 choices – Eagles or Wolves (other name options wolf cubs or pups)  It was decided that on election day in November they will let the kids vote for which mascot they want.

IXL Discussion:  Community council allocates $2000 from trust fund money to pay for IXL, which expires on November 1st.  Board discussed renewing IXL, or paying for a new program Mobymax for $800, and/or using ALEX (which is for 3rd - 5th graders and free through the district).  Board approved of switching to Mobymax but left the decision to teachers.  Faculty will discuss further and the board will approve any changes needed.

Approve of three additional hours for aids:  Board approved 2 additional hours a week for the ESL aid and 1 additional hour for reading aid.

Meeting Schedule for the year:  Every other month, 1st Wednesday at 3pm.  December 3rd, February 4th, April 1st are calendared for our upcoming community council meetings.

Tuesday, October 21st at 8am - Chair and Vice Chair training in St. George at the district bldg.

Enterprise Elementary Council Membership 2014-2015

Enterprise EL Council Membership Form 2014-2015
Chair Name: Emilie Bott                          Email:emiliewantsitall@gmail.com
Phone Number: (435) 231 - 4414            Parent Years: 1 

Vice Chair Name:  Jodi Cope                  Email:benjodicope@cmail.com
Phone Number: (435) 231 - 4641            Parent Years: 4 

Secretary  Name: Alicia Burgess             Email:

Principal Name: Luke Rowley                 Email:luke.rowley@washk12.org
Phone Number: (435) 878-2236             

School Employees
Name                                                        Email                                                    Years 
Kirby Schimbeck                             kirby.schimbeck@washk12.org                        1 
Mike Yardley                                   michael.yardley@washk12.org                         1 
Rick Weber                                     richard.weber@washk12.org                            1 

Parent Members

Name                                                          Email                                                  Years 

Amber Humphries                         abcrew7@yahoo.com                                         3 
Jana Dunford                                 spencejan@lycos.com                                       1 
Kimberly Prisbrey                          kimberlyprisbrey@gmail.com                             1 
Shelly Carter                                 shellyjonescarter@gmail.com                             4 

2013-2014 Enterprise Elementary Final Report

Enterprise EL Final Report 2013-2014
Financial Proposal and Report - This report is automatically generated from the School Plan entered in the spring of
2013 and from the District Business Administrator's data entry of the School LAND Trust expenditures in 2013-2014.
Available Funds Planned Expenditures
(entered by the school)
Actual Expenditures
(entered by the District
Business Administrator)
Carry-Over from 2012 - 2013 $0 $4,430
Distribution for 2013 - 2014 $17,097 $21,965
Total Available for Expenditure in 2013 - 2014 $17,097 $26,395
Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) $15,047 $11,123
Professional and Technical Services (300) $0 $0
Repairs and Maintenance (400) $0 $0
Other Purchased Services (Admission and Printing) (500) $0 $0
Travel (580) $0 $0
General Supplies (610) $0 $0
Textbooks (641) $0 $0
Library Books (644) $0 $0
Periodicals, AV Materials (650-660) $0 $0
Software (670) $2,050 $2,890
Equipment (Computer Hardware, Instruments, Furniture) (730) $0 $8,358
Total Expenditures $17,097 $22,371
Remaining Funds (Carry-Over to 2014 - 2015) $0 $4,024
ITEM A - Report on Goals
Goal #1
Our school will score 85% proficient on the Utah CRT for Language Arts which will be administered in May 2014.
Identified academic area(s).
This was the action plan.
Teachers will be aware of students and their instructional needs based on prior year LA CRT scores and other specific
reading data. Using DIBELS and Treasures Program assessments progress of individual students will be tracked. 
Instructional groups will be made based on student need. Our reading aides will be in classrooms helping teachers
with small group instruction.
Please explain how the action plan was implemented to reach this goal.
We did not make our goal due to the change in CRT tests to the SAGE test. Our students all made improvements
according to our dibbles and language arts assessments. 
This is the measurement identified in the plan to determine if the goal was reached. 
DIBELS (administered in Fall, Winter, Spring), Treasures Unit and benchmark assessments, Progress Monitoring of
individual students, DRA on selected students, 
Please show the before and after measurements and how academic performance was improved.
According to Dibbles our students grew from 59% proficient at the beginning of the school year to 74% proficient at the
end of the year. 
The amounts, categories and descriptions of expenditures planned to implement this goal are listed here: 
Amount Category Description
15047 Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) We plan to hire two(2) instructional
para-professional reading aides for 17.5
hours per week. They will directly
assist teachers in reading instruction.
 Duties will include small group
reading support and instruction.
Please describe the expenditures made to implement this goal as identified in the Financial Proposal and
Report displayed above.
We kept our two para-professionals from the year before. It appears they didn't cost us as much as we were
anticipating. They only cost our school $11,123. They did a great job in helping our students learn at high levels. Goal #2
Our school will score 83% proficient on the Utah CRT for Mathematics which will be administered in May 2014 
Identified academic area(s).
This was the action plan.
Support teachers in obtaining new math curriculum materials, and professional development in order to allow them
success in mathematics instruction. Also, continue to encourage the use of IXL for home practice of key math skills.
 Monitor assessment and progress of students throughout the year.
Please explain how the action plan was implemented to reach this goal.
We did not make our goal due to the change in CRT tests to the SAGE test. We do not have those results back at this
time. We did see student growth on our benchmarks. 
This is the measurement identified in the plan to determine if the goal was reached. 
New math textbook curriculum (adopted 2013-14 school year) and program assessments, AIR computer assessments,
teacher observation, IXL software
Please show the before and after measurements and how academic performance was improved.
We did adopt a new math program in 20123-2014. According to the assessments given our students grew
significantly. Our teachers also utilized IXL to help our students receive enrichment on their level. 
The amounts, categories and descriptions of expenditures planned to implement this goal are listed here: 
Amount Category Description
2050 Software (670) During the 2012-13 school year we
purchased a school wide license for the
IXL online math software. Our
students and teachers have loved the
practice and instructional support that
the program has offered. Many
students have enjoyed practicing at
home, logging hours of extra math
practice. A yearly school wide
subscription is $2,050. We will
use the our School Trustlands continue
to enjoy the benefits of having a great
math support tool for our online
Please describe the expenditures made to implement this goal as identified in the Financial Proposal and
Report displayed above.
We purchased IXL licenses for $2050 and Big Brain Math Attack for $840 last year. Both of these programs helped our
students grow immensely. 
ITEM B - In the Financial Proposal and Report, there is a carry-over of $4024 to the 2014-2015 school year. This
is 18% of the distribution received in 2013-2014. Please describe the reason for a carry-over of more than 10%
of the distribution.
I thought we had spent all of our money and didn't find out until later that we had not. 
ITEM C - The school plan describes how additional funds exceeding the estimated distribution would be spent.
This is the description.
We continue to see technology as an area where we can use additional funding. We have recently purchased a cart of
chromebooks (30). Unfortunately we have a few classes in our school of more than 30 students, so any additional
funds would first be spent on the addition of 4 chromebooks to our Chromebook cart (approximately $1,000).
 Additionally, we have projectors in classrooms that are beginning to age to the point that they need to be replaced. So
any additional funds beyond $1,000 would be used to help purchase and replace classroom projectors (approximately
$500 each).
The distribution was about 14% more that the estimate in the school plan. Please explain how the additional
money was spent, if it was spent for items other than expenditures described in the approved goals above. If
all expenditures were spent for items in the goals, please enter "Not applicable."
We spent the additional funds to equip each classroom with Ipads. These are used by students and teachers to
enhance the learning of our school. ITEM D - The school plan was advertised to the community in the following way(s): 
• School newsletter
• School website
ITEM E - Please select from the pull down menus the names of policymakers the council has communicated
with about the School LAND Trust Program. To choose more than one name on a list, use CTRL while
selecting. To unhighlight a selected name, choose another name or use CTRL and select it.
State Leaders
State Senators
State Representatives
State School Board
U.S. Senators
U.S. Representatives
District School Board
Cal Durfey
Debra Zockoll
Laura Hesson
Kelly Blake
Wes Christiansen
Craig Seegmiller
Barbara Beckstrom
ITEM G - A summary of this Final Report must be provided to parents and posted on the school website by
October 20th of the 2014. When was this task completed?
Not required for Charter Schools.

2013-14 School Community Council Elections

Serving on the School Community Council

Serving on our School Community Council is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to contribute and help improve academic performance at our school.  The school receives an annual dividend from the school trust lands.  Our council decides how these funds will be used.  Last year our school received $16,157 from the School LAND Trust Program.  The council also reviews and prepares other academic and safety plans for our students each year.  All plans are reviewed for final approval by our school board.  Councils also act in an advisory capacity to school and school district administrations.


Every public school in Utah has a School Community Council.  The councils are made up of school employees who are elected by employees and parents who are elected by parents of students attending the school.  Membership terms are for two years.  Elections are held at the beginning of each school year.  Parent members must have a student attending the school during one of the first two years of their service.  Employees must be employed by the school district at the school.  For more information please visitwww.schoollandtrust.org.

If you are interested in serving on the School Community Council at Enterprise Elementary please fill out and return the form below.

The form is due to the school principal on or before September 24, 2012.

The School Community Council Election will be held September 25-27 at the school office.

2012-13 SCC Election Notice.pdf

School Goal: Read every day with your children!