216 South 100 East
PO Box 459
Enterprise, UT 84725
P: 435.878.2236
F: 435.878.2510

Principal’s Messages

Dear Parents,

Our goal is to ensure high level of learning for all students.  We will accomplish this by working collaboratively with all stakeholders.  Here in our school we believe that through collaboration between teachers parents and other professionals we will be able to meet the needs of every student.  We also believe that if a student doesn’t grasp our guaranteed viable curriculum we will intervene and reteach a subject until they gain that knowledge.  With the support and help from parents we will ensure that every student becomes successful.  Our students come first in every decision we make at our school. 

Our school is always open, and ready to help you with all your needs.  If you ever need to come in and talk please do.  We are here to serve our community in any way we can.  We would also like to thank you for all you do as parents to help our school succeed. 


Luke Rowley


435-878-2236 | 435-773-1722 |  luke.rowley@washk12.org

Mr. Rowely doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

School Goal: Read every day with your children!