216 South 100 East
PO Box 459
Enterprise, UT 84725
P: 435.878.2236
F: 435.878.2510


Front View of Enterprise Elementary

Mission Statement:

¨All Students will Learn at High Levels¨

  • Students watching man play piano
  • Students posing for picture with guest piano player
  • Students listening to guest play their favorite piano songs
  • Students amazed at the guest play whatever song they want after listening to it two times
  • Mr. Kays plays the piano for Enterprise Elementary
  • Students pose for a picture with Mr. Kays
  • Mr. Rowley poses with Mr. Kays and his grandparents.
  • Piano player Mr. Kays
  • Students and Mr. Rowley listening to Mr. Kays play the piano
  • This guest piano player has been blind since a baby. He can listen to a song twice and play the song on the piano. He has never had any kind of lessons. He is self taught!
  • Mr. Kays told the students to follow their dreams.
  • The students requested songs for Mr. Kays to play. If he didn´t know the song, he would listen to it twice and could play the song on the piano.

School Goal: Read every day with your children!